segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010


Colin Offord - Heavenly Flower (excerto)
Arthea - Pentatonic
Ward Hartenstein with The Eastman Percussion Ensemble - Claycussion (excerto)
Bradford Reed - Motivational Music for Pedetrians
Peter Whitehead - Tunnel of Love / Dear 3
Stomp - Waterphonics
Darrel de Vore - Bamboo Is
Hans Reichel - Le Bal (excerto)
Harry Partch - And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell From Petaluma
Phil Dadson and From Scratch - Pacific 3-2-1-Zero (excerto)
Ken Butler with Stan Wood and John Butler - Instru-matics
Susan Rawcliffe with Scott Wilkinson and Brad Dutz - Aquaknots
Clara Rockmore and Nadia Reisenberg - The Swan
Wendy Mae Chambers - New York, New York
Leonard Solomon - The Grand Gallope

A partir dos discos:
Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones - Experimental Music Instruments
Gravikors, Whirlies & Pyrophones - Experimental Music Instruments

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